News and Updates from your Favourite Fundraising Platform

news and updates from your favourite fundraising platform

Hey howdy hey Fundraising Fans! It’s been a while since we last had a proper catch-up, hasn’t it? Sorry about that. We’ve been so busy revolutionising online charity fundraising, we’ve barely had time to share our news. So put on your reading glasses and grab a cuppa, ’cause we’ve got so many cool things to tell you about!

We Create Award Winning Fundraising Ideas and Events

Award Winning Fundraising Ideas and Events by GivePenny

Let’s kick off with the big news; our Level up for Shelter event only went and won the Silver for Most Innovative Fundraising Event at the Charity Event Awards 2019! 😱😱

GivePenny Award Winning Fundrasing Ideas with Shelter

The judges praised our event as “Truly innovative, providing a wide-reaching and different event using digital platforms… Stands out in this category as the only truly innovative fundraising option.” Guys, we’re blushing! (It’s all true though.)

Our friends at Shelter got a lovely award to proudly display in their office, and we’re thrilled that such an established, well-known charity were brave enough to break new ground with us. These people are incredible, and we’re proud to help them continue their important work in the fight against homelessness. And don’t forget – you can still raise money for Shelter with GivePenny right now!

New Feature Alert: Fundraising Teams

YES you heard that right! Fundraising. But together. As a team. This being GivePenny, Fundraising Teams are a fully connected, integrated experience, with multiple people able to connect their apps and counters to one central page. You know that’s how we roll.

Online Team Fundraising

Fundraising Teams are created by Fundraisers, and they’re a great way to get your friends, family and followers all together behind one great cause. If you want to know more, we’ve written up some handy user guides.

Speaking of which… we’ve added a whole bunch of useful guides and explainers now sitting pretty in our GivePenny help desk. It’s an ongoing work-in-progress, but if you have any burning questions or bright ideas for specific guides you’d like to see, shoot over an email to and we’ll bump your request to the top of our to-do list.

Another New Feature Alert: Fundraising Events and Groups!

You don’t think we’d leave our Charity friends out of the loop, do you? Charities can now use our Team functionality to create Team Events.

Team Fundraising Events

Encourage Fundraising Teams raising more money for your cause by appealing to their competitive side! You can organise your Fundraising Teams into Groups, such as by Region, or by anything else you like – how about Team Cat vs. Team Dog? Then show off their progress with Leaderboards and trackers.

Meanwhile at GivePenny HQ…

Over here at The Fortress of Funditude, things have been busy. But exciting! But busy!

GivePenny Staff

We’ve welcomed two new members to the GivePenny team. Ryan, our newest FUNraiser with the smooth phone voice and seriously strong hat game, and Cherish, our resident Word Scribbler and hair dye addict.

Our dev team have been smashing out new updates and bug fixes galore. Highlights include-

The Target Donut at the top of Challenge pages – it’s had a revamp. It looks a little fancier and works more effectively. It’s living its best life right now.

The Donations Panel on the Challenge page has also received a fancy-schmancy update. It now works more like a live feed, is easier to scroll through, and has cute new icons to indicate the type of donation received.

A Strava update caused an unexpected bug (it’s okay Strava – we won’t hold it against you). But we squashed it good and proper, and improved functionality for good measure. As a result, your Strava account now synchronises with your GivePenny account every 15 minutes, and you’ll get warning text letting you know if there’s a connectivity issue.

And Lee finally brought the toilet paper supply in from the boot of his car. It was a great day for us all.

Motivational Fundraising

Welcome Aboard!

New charities are joining the fundraising revolution all the time! We’re thrilled to offer a warm welcome to all of our most recent additions to the GivePenny Fundraising Platform.

Action for Children | BiPolar UK | Frontline Children | Veterans for Action | Royal Society for Blind Children | Midland Mencap | Sepsis Trust | Seafarers UK | Group B Strep Support | Pompey Pals Project | National Brain Appeal | Fredericks Foundation | Herriot House Hospice | City Hospice | Cransley Hospice | Islamic Help | Mad Hatter’s Children’s Charity

It’s a long list. Props to our Fun-Raising Team for making so many new friends and spreading the word! ❤️

Every single charity on this list is doing something great to make the world a better place. They’re all brilliant causes, but they can’t continue the important work they do without Fundraisers. So set yourself some goals and make a positive impact!