Save The World With Your Phone: 5 Mobile Giving Apps You’ll ❤️

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It’s no secret that here at GivePenny we LOVE all things digital, and mobile fundraising innovation is kind of our forte. But our own charity sponsorship platform isn’t the only service helping people to change the world with a swipe and tap; there are loads of other really cool (and frankly ingenious) mobile giving apps out there that can help you support charities and good causes.

We’ve scoured the App Store and rifled through Google Play to find the best philanthropy-focused apps around, and compiled this handy list of our personal favourites – just for you. So clear some storage space and make sure you’re connected to the WiFi, because these apps all deserve a home on your home screen.

🥣Share the Meal

Share The Meal is an incredibly simple but effective concept; next time you take a photo of your lunch, tap the app to donate $0.50 to The United Nations World Food Programme, and a child in need will be fed for a whole day.

The clever thing about this particular mobile giving app is how its creators have harnessed a social media trend – taking and sharing pictures of your food – and harnessed it for good. They’ve also provided a filter overlay and a hashtag to help enable their donors to spread the word all over Instagram and Snapchat.

👀Be My Eyes

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This one’s not for fundraising, it’s for volunteering! Yep – you can volunteer through your phone. 🤯  We are living in the future. Spanning over 150 countries and 180 languages, Be My Eyes connects people who are blind or have low vision with sighted volunteers.

As a volunteer, you’ll get face time calls from people who need your help with everything from checking expiry dates and reading captcha codes, to picking out an outfit or reading the settings on a new washing machine. Check out the community stories for personal experiences from both sides of the app.

📸Donate a Photo

Another deceptively simple mobile giving app that lets you raise money for charity. Sponsored by Johnson and Johnson, all you have to do is take a photo, share it to the app’s online gallery, and Johnson and Johnson will donate $1 to the cause of your choice (you can choose from a big list of causes who have signed up with the platform).

You can only share one photo a day, so we’re not in danger of bankrupting J&J any time soon, but it’s an app well worth making a daily habit of using. Plus it costs you absolutely nothing – perfect for when you’re a bit skint.



man stood by street art using phone for mobile giving

Most of us don’t have spare change jangling around our coat pockets anymore – money’s gone digital. GiveTide takes that concept and applies it to your card purchases by rounding up the difference to the nearest pound. So that 89p coke becomes an 11p charity donation, and that £7.75 Uber ride becomes 25p.

You can also customise your account with a weekly cap or pause your roundups at any time, if you’re worried about the cumulative costs of your roundups becoming more than you can afford.

🎮GameChanger with Alzheimer’s Society

mobile giving apps - woman using phone in train station

Another app that allows you to donate your time. GameChanger lets you contribute to a huge ongoing study of cognitive thinking, which will be used to advance dementia research.

All you have to do is play brain games on your phone for 5 minutes a day, for one month. That’s it. On your commute to work, during an ad break on TV, while you wait for the kettle to boil for your afternoon brew; wherever you find a few spare minutes.

So embrace the mobile phone addiction – it’s a little device that can help you do amazing things! Download the right apps and you can fight world hunger over lunch, protect the planet with a photo of your cat, and help refugees by walking to work.

Do you have any other recommendations for your favourite mobile giving apps we may have missed? We’d love to hear about them! Drop us a comment 👇 and tell us all about it.

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