June Roundup: New Features, Updates and Exciting Stuff

Street art found near GivePenny fundraising platform offices

Hey there Fundraising Fans! It’s been a busy ol’ June here at the Fortress of Funditude; we’ve been creating new tools, rolling out updates and generally just innovating the bejesus out of online charity sponsorship. All in a day’s work. 😎

Updates for Fundraisers

  • Milestones have changed! (This is a big update, so we thought it deserved bold text.) You no longer have to go into the page editor to access and add Milestones to your Fundraising Challenge. Now you can hop into a new, easy to use block system where you can add, update, edit and reorder your Milestones in one user-friendly place.
  • If you’re signed in with GivePenny, you can now visit your dashboard to see all the pledges you’ve promised to other Fundraisers – with any due pledges now conveniently highlighted.
  • Remember how we told you in our last update that we made your Strava connection more reliable by ensuring that it now updates every 15 minutes? We’ve given Fitbit the same treatment.
  • Offline donations you add manually to your Fundraising Challenge Page will now appear in your donation feed.


Updates for Charities

street art found near givepenny fundraising

  • We’ve added a fun new tool to your GivePenny toolkit – Creative Appeals! Our lovely friends at Birmingham St Mary’s hospice are leading the way by being the very first charity to try it out. They’ll be launching their GoPink! challenge on July the 10th, but you can see their Go Pink! Creative Appeal on GivePenny already – and don’t forget to join in!
  • We’ve also updated the Direct Donate Appeal functionality with new social media buttons for your Donors and Fundraisers to share tributes and posts, and we’ve given you (the charity) the ability to change the default suggested text that will appear on social media posts.
  • New default Challenge templates have been added. Our system automatically adds them to your charity page, ready to use – all part of the service.
  • You can now code our data by adding your own data fields into our reporting tools.

Updates from the Office

  • We were joined by 17 year-old Ciara for some work experience. She helped us out with loads of marketing research, showed us how to step up or social media game with TikTok filters and took some really cool on-brand photographs for us to use on our website – including many of the pics in this blog!
  • The office Monstera grew a new leaf. We’re all so proud! ❤️

One more thing…

Flyer reading "good news is coming".

We’ve got a really cool new feature just sparkling on the horizon. We’re so excited we can’t shut up about it here in the office! Unfortunately, we’re not allowed to tell you guys about it just yet (by order of The Fun Police) but it’s really gonna knock your socks off. So stay tuned – BIG news is just around the corner…

That’s all for now, but if you want to keep in touch, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Take care, polar bear!
Team GivePenny xx