Playlist Fundraising is here! GivePenny meets Spotify!

Man listening to Spotify Playlist Fundraising

Yes, you read that right! We’ve gone where no other fundraising platform has gone before: playlist fundraising! We’ve added Spotify to our connections! 

A shocked seagull saying "OMG" because he heard GivePenny just integrated Spotify

No other fundraising platform has pulled this off, and we’re chuffed as nuts about it. There are victory dances happening at the Fortress of Funditude!

Want to know more? Bet you do! Pull up a seat on the fainting couch and we’ll tell you everything you need to know.

What is Spotify Fundraising?

Like it says on the tin; fundraising, but with Spotify. Your favourite donation platform and your favourite music app, joining forces for the good of humanity.

How does it work?

Playlist Fundraising on GivePenny Infographic


It’s easy!

  1. Sign up with GivePenny (if you aren’t on board already!) and pick a charity to raise money for. We have loads of really incredible causes to choose from, whether your passion is fighting disease, helping your fellow humans or saving the environment.
  2. Create a Spotify playlist on GivePenny. You can add this to an already-existing Challenge page, or create a whole new one. Enjoy customising your page with your own pictures and text to make it really personal!
  3. Get your friends to add songs to your playlist in exchange for a donation. Share, share, share! The more you share your fundraising challenge, the more likely people are to donate.
  4. Listen to your cool new playlist, raise money for charity, feel awesome. Every time somebody adds a track, you’ll receive a donation and a warm, fuzzy feeling of wellbeing.
Young Girl Dancing. Probably to a charity fundraising playlist.
^You. Dancing to your new favourite playlist.

How can I use Playlist Fundraising?

Sounds simple? It is! The best thing about simplicity is how easily it can be applied to all of your creative fundraising ideas. We’ve been throwing ideas around the office for all the cool and fun ways you can use Playlist Fundraising to raise money for charity… but we’re sure you’ll come up with more!

Birthday Fundraiser

Got a birthday coming up? Raising money for charity is becoming an increasingly popular way to celebrate. But why stick to a boring “donate-and-go” formula? Create a fundraising playlist instead. It’s a much more fun and engaging way to get charity donations. Ask your friends and family to donate a song that reminds them of you, or just a track that they think you’ll enjoy.

Start the Mental Health Discussion

Even the healthiest of us have days when we struggle with our mental health, and for many of us, the challenge runs much deeper. There have been multiple studies finding that music can have a positive effect on mental health, and even more studies finding that opening up the discussion with our peers can help reduce symptoms of depression.

Why not combine the two and start a playlist to cheer you up on hard days? Ask your friends and family to add a track that they associate with a good memory of you. You’ll be surprised to see what they add! From your sibling adding the soundtrack to your favourite childhood computer game, or a friend adding a song you belted out together in the car during an unforgettable road trip. Create a playlist full of pick-me-ups for your hardest days, and open yourself up to an important discussion.

woman wearing headphones and drinking water. You can't hear it, but she's loving her motivational fundraising playlist.
TFW your best friend keeps adding “Lady in Red” to your jogging playlist.

Boost your charity marathon efforts

Already training for a charity marathon? Whether you’re cycling, stepping, running or rowing, why not add a fundraising playlist to get you pumped? It’s a fun way to add an extra dimension to your efforts and lets your followers feel more involved. If you’re already powering your way thr0ugh a Fundraising Challenge on GivePenny, you can even add a playlist to your existing fundraising page.

Charity Wedding Gifts

There’s a growing trend in couples getting married asking for charity donations instead of gifts for themselves. It’s a trend we love! If your big day is coming up, why not ask your friends to celebrate with a song donation? All the altruism of the charity wedding gift, but with a personal touch! The minimum donation for GivePenny playlist fundraising is just 50p, but your guests can donate more if they like. Dance the evening away with a playlist curated by your nearest and dearest, all in aid of a good cause!

Knuckle down for your exams

Got some exams coming up? Create a fundraising playlist to help you study! Music can help with both processing speed and memory retention, so get your friends and fam to donate a track to help you achieve your academic goals. Why not fundraise for a great charity like the Read Foundation? You can help them provide schooling for children all over the world, while you work on your own education.

A happy man listening to his charity playlist. He's feeling great.
A happy man listening to his charity fundraising playlist, and the world is as it should be. His mood is lifted, the sun is shining, his skin is hydrated and David Attenborough is Prime Minister.

Playlist Fundraising FAQ

Who can create a Fundraising Playlist?

  • Anybody can start a Fundraising Playlist
  • You do need a GivePenny account to create a fundraising playlist
  • You do need a Spotify account to create a fundraising playlist
  • It is free to start a Fundraising Playlist
  • You do not need to be a Spotify Premium member

Who can donate to a Fundraising Playlist?

  • Anybody with the link to the playlist can add a song to a Fundraising Playlist
  • You do not need a GivePenny account or a Spotify account to add a song and donate
  • You can not add a song to a Fundraising Playlist without donating to the chosen charity
  • The minimum donation is just 50p – but you can add more if you like
  • GivePenny Fundraising Playlists must be associated with one charity
  • You may only use Fundraising Playlists to raise money for charities registered to the GivePenny fundraising platform
  • You can add a playlist to an already existing Fundraising Page on GivePenny
  • We do not currently support other music services
  • Please consult Spotify’s Terms and Conditions of Use for further information

Got any more questions? Shoot over an email to and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

Now get your dancing shoes on, Fundraisers! xx



  • Hi,
    I work for a small charity called Neuroblastoma UK. We’d love to encourage our supporters to create Spotify playlists to fundraise for us, as I think it is such a lovely and alternative idea.
    How can we register with Give Penny to enable this to happen? Are there any costs involved?

    • Hi Meghan! The answer is a resounding “YES!” – we’ll be in touch with more info asap 🙂

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