July Roundup: Updates from the Fundraising Platform of the Future!

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Oh my, it’s been a hell of a July! It’s rained, it’s shone, and our little fundraising platform has smashed it – if we do say so ourselves. Hold on tight, and we’ll give you the speedy rundown.

Our Big Fundraising News – Spotify Integration and Playlist Fundraising

As you’ve probably already heard, we’ve added Spotify to our list of integrated apps and launched Playlist Fundraising! 🎧 🙌

We only just launched, but already the response has been incredible! Lightning lit up the skies, the ground shook, and the entire third sector let out a collective gasp. BBC weather said it was a massive thunderstorm that ran down the UK, but we’re pretty sure it was the release of Playlist Fundraising.

We’ve had some amazing press coverage, and some wonderful feedback from charities – both from charities already signed with us, and new causes eager to hop on board. We’re excited, you’re excited, and we can’t wait to see how you all use this latest addition to the GivePenny toolkit!

Want to give Playlist Fundraising a try?

Donate a track to our Team GivePenny fundraising playlist! Anyone at all can add a song, and the money raised will be going to our lovely friends at Shelter.

Check out Lee’s Playlist Fundraising Webinar!

Curious? Want to learn more? Got burning questions or just want to see it in action? Join our Founder and Chief Everything Officer, Lee, for a Playlist Fundraising Webinar on Thursday the 8th of August at 2pm. This webinar is open to all charities, even if you’re not currently signed up with us.

Okay, so Spotify’s a big deal. But we’ve also done a bunch of other cool things this month you might want to hear about too…

Updates For Charities

Powered by GivePenny Microsites are now slicker, more dynamic and more flexible

If you’re a charity looking for a little extra help launching virtual events, you might be interested in Powered by GivePenny. Part of this service includes building fully-branded microsites for charities, and this month we’ve made some updates we think you’ll enjoy.

  • We’ve minimised the Fundraiser sign-up process, as a result, the user journey coming through a microsite is now faster and involves fewer steps.
  • You can now customise your event emails sent via Powered by GivePenny.

Other Updates for Charities using our Fundraising Platform:

  • Charities can now control the group leaderboard functionality, for groups and team challenges. (FYI – this is part of the standard charity toolkit all charities on our platform have access to)
  • There was a weird-but-annoying bug that caused your banner to hide your dashboard options if you have a particularly long charity name. It was heroically defeated by the Dev Team. ✌️

Updates for Fundraisers

  • We fixed a couple of bugs that were lurking in cookies and Fitbit steps on team challenges. Thank you to everyone who reported these bugs, and allowed us to find and fix them so quickly!
  • We added a new “Offline” description to the donation feed on Fundraiser Challenge pages.
  • “Share to Instagram” has now been added to every Fundraising Challenge page. Simply click the button and it’ll take you straight to Insta to make your post. Ah, convenience!
  • We’ve updated our Report Content button, making it simpler for you to let us know if you find inappropriate content added to the site.
  • We’ve updated the “Close Challenge” process.
  • Spotify buttons have been added to your Fundraiser Dashboard, and will also appear on your Spotify Connections list.
  • Our Spotify integration has inspired a new donation process, called “In Return” donations. Right now, you can use it to add a song in return for a donation… but you can bet we’re already coming up with new ways it can be used!

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Welcome, New Charities! ❤️

Even more incredible causes have joined the fundraising revolution this month. We are chuffed as chips to welcome every single one of you on board!

Bedazzle are providing essential support, services and advocacy for young people.

Saint Mungos are fighting homelessness and campaigning for nationwide service improvement.

Homeless Oxfordshire are providing shelter for hundreds of people who would otherwise be sleeping rough.

North East Autism Society are building a better world for people on the Autism spectrum.

The Silver Line are dedicated to making sure isolated older people always have a friend just a phone call away.

Anti-Slavery International are fighting for the freedom of all people, and ending slavery all over the world.

Solace Women’s Aid are helping women and children escape violence and rebuild lives free from abuse.

Pancreatic Cancer Action are on a mission to improve pancreatic cancer survival rates.

Staffordshire Wildlife Trust are protecting wildlife and creating a wilder future.

They’re all doing something amazing and creating positive change, and we’re honoured to be a part of it.

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Phew! That’s everything! It’s been quite a busy month.

Right. We’re off to the pub. We’ve bloody earned it.

Stay sweet, Parakeets x