Gaming for Good? Smashing it!

Gaming for Good at EGX

As the charity sponsorship platform for the next generation, we’re big fans of gaming for good here at the Fortress of Funditude. It’s everyday people, using their favourite hobbies to raise money for causes they care about. Over the past few months, we’ve been busy making sure that when it comes to charity streams, we’re ahead of the game!

Read on to learn all about or double-whammy of new charity streaming challenges, and what happened when we took some charity friends to the UK’s biggest gaming event to launch them.

Our new charity streaming challenges

Charity Streams Powered by GivePenny

We’ve been hard at work building bot one, but two separate charity streaming challenges. One for the defenders of furry friends, Blue Cross, and another for our homelessness-fighting heroes at Shelter.

Both of these events are built and hosted as part of our Powered by GivePenny services for charities. They each feature a fully-branded microsite and custom email journey for fundraisers.  They also full advantage of our unique integrations with Twitch, Mixer, YouTube and Spotify. These fundraising challenges are tailor-made for gamers!

Level Up For Shelter

Remember last year’s Level up for Shelter challenge? Y’know, the one that won awards and distinguished Shelter and GivePenny as third-sector leaders in innovation? That one. Well, Shelter are back for round two, and this year’s event is already set to be even bigger and better! After our previous year’s success launching events with Shelter, we’re thrilled to be working with their fantastic team again.Charity Gaming - Level up for Shelter

“Level Up for Shelter is back for a second year, with our fab gamers showcasing their skills and raising money for the vital work we do. Following a hugely successful first year, we are seeing more and more people choose gaming as their way to raise money for Shelter. We are inviting everyone to Level Up this year. Whether you’re a full time Twitch streamer or a group of people playing Fallout for the first time, we want to see you play!”

-Marja Moller, Shelter

From where we’re standing, this challenge is snowballing into one of our biggest yet! We’re only a week after the launch, and we’ve already eclipsed last year’s number of signups and page launches…. with more and more rolling in every day.

What’s new for this year’s Level Up For Shelter?

  • A fully-branded, custom-built microsite
  • A custom-built, fully-branded email journey
  • A slicker, faster signup process for fundraisers
  • An improved Milestones donation feature
  • Mixer and Youtube live streams can now be embedded into fundraising pages
  • Spotify integration for all fundraiser challenge pages

Paws2Play for Blue Cross

Paws2Play logo - charity gamingThis is the first gaming for good challenge Blue Cross have launched with GivePenny. We’ve loved their creative and enthusiastic approach! This event is special because it takes full advantage of our Teams Functionality. Fundraisers are encouraged to join Team Cat, Team Dog, Team Rabbit or Team Horse – and take their favourite pet to fundraising victory!

“We couldn’t be more excited about launching this brand new campaign with the help of GivePenny, it’s a big step outside our comfort zone. It’s going to give people a brand new and innovative way of fundraising for Blue Cross that’s very different to anything we’ve offered before.

It’s such an engaging and fun campaign. We really believe it’s going to open up fundraising to a while new audience who want to make a difference to the lives of pets in need. Lots of hard work has gone in behind the scenes to create PawsToPlay and we love how everything is so tailored to our supporters – right from the moment they join the movement and choose a team. We’re sure they are going to love taking part. We can’t wait to share it with everyone.”

-Thomas Martin, Blue Cross

What makes Paws2Play such a great charity gaming challenge?

  • Teams functionality, using leaderboards which automatically update as funds are raised by team members
  • A fully-branded, custom-built microsite
  • A custom-built, fully-branded email journey – with custom content that varies depending upon your choice of team!
  • Slick and easy signup process for Fundraisers
  • Customisable challenge pages with options to embed Twitch, Mixer and Youtube streams
  • Spotify integration for all fundraiser challenge pages

Bringing Gaming for Good to the Gamers!

Our Lee hanging out with returning charity streamer, Knightenator

We knew we had two strong charity gaming challenges on our hands. So what better way is there to launch streaming challenges than to go directly to the intended audience, join in and get to know them?

We caught up with our Founder and Chief Everything Officer, Lee Clark (which is easy, because he conveniently sits just across the desk) who spent all four days at EGX, mingling with gamers and developers, to spread the word.

“The whole experience was amazing! There is a real sense of social purpose in the streaming community. It was the perfect opportunity to meet gamers, tell them all about our fundraising challenges, and get new people excited about charity gaming.”

-Lee Clark, GivePenny

charities at egx
A whole gaggle of charities!

We hosted a stand with several of our friends at Blue Cross and Shelter. Geeking out with gamers, stirring up streamers, and discussing with developers. We even found the time to chat charity and gush about games on two new episodes of our brand-spankin’ new podcast, the GivePenny Jolly Good Show! (Just search us up on your favourite podcast service if you want to treat your earholes!)

We left the event having inspired new people to try charity streaming, and with our email provider creaking under the weight of new submissions… and the signups have kept on rolling in since!

Both challenges are live right now. Even though they’ve barely started, our signup analytics are telling us they’re both going to be awesome!

We can’t wait!

Stay sweet, Parakeets,

Team GivePenny x