5 Ways to Help Rescue Pets 🐾 … when adoption isn’t an option

Hey! What’s kickin’ chickens? It’s time for another GivePenny blog! We’ve been spending loads of time with some fabulous animal charities lately, so today we’re shining a spotlight on ways to help rescue pets!

We all know the first rule of helping rescue pets is “adopt don’t shop”…  but what if you can’t? Maybe you live with someone with allergies, your landlord has a strict no-animals policy, or your home is full to bursting with furbabies already… there are plenty of reasons why animal lovers can’t adopt a new pet. So what can you do to help homeless pets if adoption isn’t an option? Read on for our top five suggestions!

1. Become a pet rescue volunteer

Volunteering is a great way to make new friends; both of the furry variety and like-minded humans. It’s also been linked to all kinds of awesome benefits, like increased self-confidence and personal wellbeing, and in particular- working with pets has been found to reduce stress and anxiety.

Most animal shelters are always looking for helpful volunteers. People to help clean, manage fundraising events, walk dogs or socialise shy animals. It doesn’t have to be a full-time job; even a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon will be very much appreciated!

help abandoned animals

2. Host a charity stream to help animals

Are you a gamer? Have you ever considered gaming for good?

Not to brag or nothin’, but GivePenny are the charity sponsorship platform of choice for fundraising streams. You can raise money for one of the many awesome animal charities on GivePenny by launching a fundraising challenge page, fully integrated with your Twitch, Mixer or YouTube channel.

If you want to join in with a gaming challenge, check out Paws2Play for our lovely friends at Blue Cross!

3. Fill your social media with furry friends

Want to do something positive with your social media accounts? Many animal rescues and charities now have a social media presence, and they’re all well worth a follow! You’ll be treated to regular cute pet pics, as well as news, updates and suggestions for how you can help.

You can also help them boost their social media presence by liking, sharing and commenting on their posts. You might not be able to adopt the cute elderly cat they shared, but you can help it be seen by someone who can!

ways to help homeless pets

4. Check out a pet rescue’s wishlist

What about sanctuaries that are too far for you to visit? You can still help rescue pets with online donations.

Many animal rescues have active wishlists on sites like Amazon, which are updated regularly with things they need. Items like food, toys and enrichment activities, but also things you might not think of, like cleaning supplies and paper towels! There’s usually a wide range of items and price points to choose from, so you can donate a gift to suit your budget. You can send it right to their door, and even include a note to say hi!

5. Walkies for donations

If you’ve got a dog already (or even if you don’t and just want to stay fit and healthy) why not set up a sponsored steps challenge with your Fitbit?

You can create a fundraising challenge on GivePenny, connect your FitBit, and your friends and family can sponsor you. Try getting sponsored per every 10,000 steps, or why not set a big goal like walking a million steps? Motivate yourself to make walkies a little longer, knowing every step is going to help rescue pets in need!

help rescue pets with sponsored dog walk