Charities! Here’s some help for the tough times ahead!

Things are tough right now for charity fundraising teams up and down the country. 

With mass participation events being cancelled and social distancing measures tightening by the day, we have heard from many of you over the past few weeks. We’ve heard about the pressures you’re facing in still having to find creative fundraising solutions to the complex problems caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

When the stark realities of the problem sunk in (0.356 seconds), we dropped everything and focused on creating the simplest route for you to generate new fundraising income. We took a good, hard look at the best bits of GivePenny and created the best possible combinations of tools for fundraisers we could. Fundraisers that find themselves restricted in where they can go and what they can do to inspire their friends and family to give.

From mixing up Strava running or Fitbit stepping with Spotify Playlist Fundraising, to combining Twitch Streaming Tools for gamers with our own unique Milestone Donation suite, we did our best to create the best kind of DIY challenges to make it as easy as possible for everyone.

Then we standardised them for all charity profiles across the entire GivePenny platform (because we don’t do things by halves around here).

Welcome to your new, refined list of ready-to-go, fresh-outta-da-box GivePenny Challenges:

  • Playlist Fundraising (fundraisers create their own special Spotify Playlist with songs added in return for donations made by friends)
  • Twitch Stream Tools (to engage their audience in fundraising, streamers access live donation animations connected to their fundraising page, as well as special donation buttons for use on their Twitch profile)
  • Fitbit Steps Fundraising (donors are able to make their fundraising friend earn donations by getting their steps in)
  • Strava Running Fundraising (every running mile tracked can earn donations pledged by donors)
  • GivePenny Milestone Fundraising (fundraisers create individual Milestones and donors pledge donations against them to keep them motivated)

GivePenny - app-based Charity Sponsorship Platform

🤯 “What do I need to do next?” we hear you say….

Well, it would make sense to make your charity’s profile on GivePenny look as awesome as possible. Make sure you’re happy with your logo, images, links and copy. As a stretch-goal, consider embedding a YouTube video that welcomes supporters to your GivePenny profile and introduces them to what they can do for you to help raise money. Login in now at:
Then, it’s a question of letting your supporters know they can take on some creative fundraising challenges that make it fun and easy to raise money for your cause, by starting their journey at your GivePenny Charity Profile. Use your social media and email tools to share, share, share!
If you have more questions, you can always drop us an email at
Stay strong, stay awesome and make your momma proud,
Lee Clark
Chief Everything Officer