May Roundup: Updates from your favourite fundraising platform

Run for Heroes Webinar on GivePenny

Why hello there, Fundraising Fans!

Today we’re kicking off a new week and a new month all in one day! It’s Monday, but extra concentrated. So we’re bringing you a double-espresso dose of #MondayMotivation with our May Roundup. We’ve got new features for you to play with, free resources to make use of, and fundraising success stories to get you feeling inspired.


Jump on our free webinar with a fundraising superstar!

Run for Heroes Webinar on GivePenny

We’re having a chat with the one and only Olivia Strong, creator of the Run for Heroes campaign which has raised over £5 million for the NHS during the lockdown. She’s going to be sharing her advice and insights, and telling us all about how she successfully launched a virtual event during the pandemic.

Register here: /runforheroeswebinar/


Season 2 of the GivePenny Jolly Good Show is here

GivePenny Jolly Good Show Podcast

Feast your earholes on some good news – our positivity-packed podcast is back! The latest episode of the GivePenny Jolly Good Show is available right now, go on and have a listen.


News to make you feel good!

  • The Nation’s Playlist is rocking the UK with over 33 hours of happy tunes, specially-picked by music-lovers up and down the country. Each track is added with a donation to Cancer Research UK, and so far we’ve raised over £3,500! (We’ve also got something very special lined up in June to keep the good vibes flowing, so keep an ear out… 🎧)
  • Children’s’ hospice Ty Hafan launched their first-ever virtual marathon, Marathon in May. So far, they’ve raised over £20,000 – with their supporters running over 7,000 miles and their steppers tracking over 8,000,000 steps!
  • Following in their fundraising footsteps, Cancer Research UK are launching their own Marathon Month Challenge TODAY! It’s live right now, so dig out your running shoes and join in.

New features

As always, our lovely dev team have been tapping away behind the scenes, creating innovative new features with their magic programmer fingertips.

New options for Strava

Running isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, so your supporters can now use Strava to track the number of miles they swim, hike, or walk! Our exclusive “per mile” functionality fits this new update like a comfy shoe, letting your supporters rake in the donations for every mile they hike or swim.

Mailchimp integration

The first phase of our Mailchimp integration has landed, and it is sweet.

Your charity can now work with our team to create beautiful customised emails to guide and encourage your supporters through their campaign journey. We can now use things like fundraising and tracked activity (like miles, steps or gaming hours) to build custom sending conditions into their email journey.

Give us a shout if you’d like to give it a go.


Team GivePenny is growing!

With all the lovely new charities signing up and launching events, we’ve brought on two new team members – welcome aboard Emma and Simon! 🥳

Our two shiny new pennies each have a wealth of experience in the fundraising sector, and they’re here to help guide you through your fundraising adventure aboard the Good Ship GivePenny.


Speaking of new charities…

We’ve had some more incredible causes join our fundraising family over the past month. Virtual high-fives to all our newest friends:

  • Mountbatten Hospice providing compassionate end of life care and bereavement support
  • Phoenix Heroes an incredible cause, supporting veterans who are living with PTSD
  • Animals in Distress caring for furry friends when they need us most
  • Brain Tumour Research a cause very close to us all here at the Fortress of Funditude
  • Kidscan dedicated to beating children’s cancer
  • Life at No27 using the power of gardening to support people suffering from isolation and mental or physical ill-health
  • Lymphoma Action dedicated to supporting people fighting lymphoma


From supporting our veterans to fighting cancer, we’re so proud to be joined by the people dedicated to so many great causes.

Better times are ahead!


Stay gorgeous,

Team GivePenny