We're building the #1 connected giving platform

Connected Giving is the new superpower in fundraising.

Working closely with incredible charities and other great causes, we connect your favourite apps, websites and wearable technologies to fundraising challenges, helping you to raise more.

We're here to help people to deeply connect more of their lives to charitable behaviour, whether that’s fundraising, making donations in different ways, volunteering time or sharing views.

Where did GivePenny come from?

In 2014, Lee Clark (our Chief FUN-Raiser and Idea Ninja), connected the dots that eventually formed the concept behind GivePenny.


March 2013

After 4 months of training hard during freezing weather, our founder, Lee Clark has to pull out of a charity cycling event due to a nasty bout of flu. Guilt sets in as he realises that he can't complete the event he's raised money for on a traditional online fundraising website.

November 2013

As an annual participant in Movember, Lee sees first-hand that a lot of people avoid donating small amounts and wonders whether that's driven by pride.

November 2014

Lee watches inspiring TED Talks by Dan Pallotta and Dave Erasmus and he begins to connect the dots between his experiences and what could be an amazing future for fundraising for charity. The idea behind what will eventually become GivePenny consumes Lee's every thought. Not much sleep happens.

January 2015

Lee is introduced to Ed Russell, who he later describes as "the greatest tech wizard I've ever met."

March 2015

GivePenny is formally established as a company.

January 2016

GivePenny is launched to the public as a world-first in connected online giving.

GivePenny’s Fun-Raisers

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Lee Clark

Lee is our Chief FUN-Raiser and Idea Ninja. In November 2014, he recognised the opportunity to connect the world to giving in refreshing, exciting and fun ways and the idea for GivePenny was born.

Ed Russell

Ed Russell

Ed is our Chief Technology Officer. He’s responsible for turning ideas into an awesome online experience; working closely with our incredible web development team. He spends his time constantly trying to keep a lid on how amazing the next set of features will be for making the world a better place.

plus these unusual FUN-Raising suspects:

Usual Suspects

Want to work for us?

We are a tech-for-good company

When it comes to giving access to the GivePenny platform, processing donations and helping charities to claim Gift Aid where they can, we charge an annual subscription fee of £120, along with a small fee of 5% of each donation (including Gift Aid), which means charities only pay us when a payment is successfully processed.

To give an example of how a typical donation works, we charge just 63p to process a £10 donation and then also reclaim Gift Aid (an extra £2.50 in this example) on behalf of the charity.

Compared to other fundraising methods (that often require considerable upfront investment without a guarantee of creating donations) and considering our platform offers unique features that may help raise even more money for charity, we think that's incredible value.

People can feel safe in the knowledge we also work with PayPal and GoCardless to help us process donations. Their fees are as follows:

  • Debit and Credit Cards through Stripe: 1.4% + 20p (European cards)/2.9% + 20p (non-European cards)
  • Using your PayPal account: 3.4% plus 20p
  • Direct from your bank account through GoCardless: 1% and never more than £2

Here's an example of the fees for a typical £10 donation, when using using Stripe, PayPal or GoCardless:

Total Reaching Charity£11.33£11.77£11.49
Transaction Fee54p10p38p
Gift Aid£2.50£2.50£2.50
GivePenny Fee63p63p63p
Total Reaching Charity£11.33£11.77£11.49
PayPalGoCardlessDebit/Credit Card with Stripe
Transaction Fee54p10p38p
Gift Aid£2.50£2.50£2.50
GivePenny Fee63p63p63p


Good causes trust us to run an innovative, reliable, secure and successful Connected Giving platform on their behalf. With us providing fabulous online fundraising experiences to supporters all over, good causes can focus their superpowers on changing lives.

Here's an insight into why we charge fees to good causes for access to the GivePenny Connected Giving platform:

  • Our technology is hosted on a secure and scalable platform, so it meeting strict security standards as well as can handling lots and lots of visitors.
  • We are constantly feeding good causes new ideas for how to inspire supporters with new Connected Giving challenges, as we connect to more apps, websites and other online platforms.
  • We help charities claim Gift Aid where we can, reducing the pressure on administration that many charities face when trying to access this vital resource.
  • Our team of FUNraisers is there to help good causes and GivePenny users every step of the way through their time with us.