Build With Me - Live Sessions

Throughout April, May and June we were one of the first platforms to host a variety of cool guests and general virtual events webinars to help our community combat the effects of COVID-19. But now, we've all got webinar fatigue so through July and August we're setting ourselves a series of live-streamed challenges entitled 'Build With Me'.
The 'Build with Me' live streams will focus on a different area each week. In each stream, we'll use the GivePenny toolbox to build unique and creative events in 30 minutes or under. Make sure you register your interest below to be sent the link join the fun. Recordings will be available BUT if you watch us live than you can be the first to use our new ideas.
DISCLAIMER: Although we try and make all our webinars, happy hours and streams more lighthearted in focus, the aim is still to help you raise more money online for your cause so please let us know if you have anything you want covered or have any questions. We'll do our best to make sure it gets done!
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Thursday 16th July 4pm - Build with Me - Creative Fundraising

Join the GivePenny team as we build 3 different creative fundraising campaigns using the GivePenny toolbox. We build our own virtual coffee morning solution, host a quiz and build out a Spotify playlist fundraiser ALL in 60 minutes.

Thursday 23rd July 4pm - Build with Me - Endurance Fundraising

Join Lee and Emma as they show you how easy it is to track cumulative totals, display leaderboards and link up apps to all manner of running, cycling, swimming and stepping events. We'll also go through some of the cool team and group options which can be used by your corporate and community supporters.

Thursday 30th July 4pm - Build with Me - Gaming for Good

It's not a webinar. It's a livestream. We'll be livestreaming how to run a livestream fundraiser through GivePenny. How meta.

Thursday 6th August 4pm - Build with Me - What We Don't Say On the Tin

From donation types to microsites there's a heap of features at GivePenny that we only really talked about when asked. In today's Build with Me we'll be looking at a heap of our 'under the cover' features and how they can be deployed for maximum FUNdraising.

Thursday 13th August 4pm - We asked 1000 fundraisers and this is what they said...

The final show in our series 🙁

We'll be reviewing the top data & feedback-driven learnings that we've gained from the Summer

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