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Why should your cause sign up?

GivePenny is a charity sponsorship platform with a difference. It's the place where your supporters can go to raise money by combining their use of their fave apps and websites with creative ways for their friends to donate.

For just £500 per year, your cause has 100% of GivePenny’s functionality, right out of the (virtual) box.

Plus, a real person will help you learn how to get the most out of your access, along with sharing ideas on how you can raise as much as possible, in lots of new ways.

Extend the fundraising reach of third-party events, launch virtual campaigns, promote tried-and-tested #ConnectedFundraising challenges and more. Register your cause today.

How does registration work?

Step one.

Your top secret information is fired to us on a special rocket. That rocket lands at GivePenny HQ.

Step two.

A real person from GivePenny gets in touch with you to introduce themselves and we make the boring bit feel fun.

Step 3.

You will launch your #ConnectedFundraising ideas on a special rocket to your audience. A different rocket this time (OK, it's a carrot).

Step 4

There is a party in your honour. Everybody is happy and there's cake.

Step 4.5 (ish)

If you need help with promoting your latest GivePenny fundraising campaign, we can put you in touch with one of our approved marketing agencies!

Ready to jump on board?

Get started right away!

Got some questions? Get chatty with our team and book a call here.

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Looking for a fully-branded Virtual Event?

Use GivePenny's services for charities to create cool, connected fundraising challenges. Hit the button to find out more.

Webinars for Charities

We run regular webinars on everything from setting up an event in under an hour and how Playlist Fundraising works, to encouraging donations in return for selfies and gaming for good.

Our latest webinars are listed below:

Ask Me Anything Livestream

Ask Me Anything Happy Hour Tuesday 26th May at 4:00pm REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED Register Now AMA Happy Hour on Virtual Events Simon and Lee from GivePenny are hosting this AMA Happy Hour to discuss all things virtual events. Tune in (is that even a thing now?) to soak up some knowledge and even submit […]