Join other streamers doing good things

Join the massive Gaming for Good movement and help raise money through charity streaming, having lots of fun along the way!

Across platforms like Twitch, YouTube and Mixer, millions of people already dedicate their gaming to causes they love, raising millions along the way.

Sign up to GivePenny, embed your stream on on your extra-special fundraising page and access the best charity streaming tools out there to take your broadcasts to the next level!

Find a good cause or charity

Take part in a gaming event

Overlays, buttons and more

Whether you prefer to live-stream your games using Twitch, YouTube or Mixer, it's fast and easy to launch a #ConnectedFundraising page here on GivePenny. To make it even easier for people to support your charity stream, your broadcast is available for your supporters to watch on your GivePenny page.

Once live, your GivePenny page gives you access to your very own charity streaming overlays and donation buttons. If you want to tune up your fundraising even more, add #PlaylistFundraising to your fundraising page, so your viewers can add songs to a charity playlist in return for donations! Plus, using GivePenny Milestones, you can set your own mini-goals to help raising money more fun and easier than ever before!

Once you've set a date for your charity stream, share your page on Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and email to let your friends know about your challenge!

Are you a charity? Fancy your own GivePenny Gaming Hub?

No probs.

It's time to POWER-UP your fundraising! It doesn't matter to us if your charity is new to streaming or an old-hat at this gaming thing. The GivePenny Gaming team can help you develop your ideas (we'll give you some of ours, too!) and launch an extra-special charity GivePenny Gaming Hub of your very own.

You'll even get your very own GivePenny Gaming Concierge (yes, we know that's very fancy) to help you get up and running!

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