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Cool stuff for streamers doing things for charity

By connecting either a Twitch or YouTube account, you can easily create a GivePenny #ConnectedFundraising page to help you raise money for good causes.

Charity streaming on GivePenny has never been more fun and interactive!

Whether you prefer to live-stream your games using Twitch or YouTube, it's fast and easy to launch a #ConnectedFundraising page here on GivePenny.

Once your page is live and you've set a date for your stream, share your page to let your friends know about your challenge!

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GivePenny Gaming is the place for your charity livestream

There are lots of features on GivePenny that make it easier to inspire people to sponsor your charity stream.

  • Simple set-up lets you unlock clever charity streaming tools
  • One-off Donations - people make donations right now
  • Milestone Donations - you set Milestones on your fundraising page and your friends pledge donations against them. You earn those donations when you achieve each Milestone
  • Live donation alerts on Twitch with Twitch Chat integration
  • Going for 24hours? Be sponsored per streaming hour, tracked automatically through your Twitch-to-GivePenny connection
  • GivePenny Gaming tools give you access to live donation overlays and buttons
  • Secure donation processing