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Strava on GivePenny - Virtual Events for Charities

June Roundup: Updates from your favourite fundraising platform

By Lee Clark | 8th July 2020

Hey Fundraising fans, We can’t quite believe we’re back again to round up yet another awesome and very busy month of fundraising! This month we’ve got new features for you to play with (we’re looking at you, Strava), tips on how to make the most of lockdown email engagement and as always, some feel good […]

Run for Heroes Webinar on GivePenny

May Roundup: Updates from your favourite fundraising platform

By Lee Clark | 1st June 2020

Why hello there, Fundraising Fans! Today we’re kicking off a new week and a new month all in one day! It’s Monday, but extra concentrated. So we’re bringing you a double-espresso dose of #MondayMotivation with our May Roundup. We’ve got new features for you to play with, free resources to make use of, and fundraising […]

Support Dogs Best Smile Appeal on GivePenny

News that’s happy when times are crappy

By Lee Clark | 5th May 2020

Hiya Fundraising Fans, It’s been a weird few weeks, hasn’t it? When we said online fundraising was the way of the future, we didn’t know how right we’d be. But even though times are hard, everything is scary and we can’t watch the news without popping a Kalms, we’ve been absolutely blown away by the […]

Charities! Here’s some help for the tough times ahead!

By Lee Clark | 24th March 2020

Things are tough right now for charity fundraising teams up and down the country.  With mass participation events being cancelled and social distancing measures tightening by the day, we have heard from many of you over the past few weeks. We’ve heard about the pressures you’re facing in still having to find creative fundraising solutions […]

Why your charity needs to embrace Generation Z

By Cherish Goldstraw | 22nd November 2019

Hey Fundraising Fans! We’ve got one of our favourite topics for you today; Generation Z and charity! If you’ve kept half an eye on the news this past year, you’re probably aware of the global climate strikes today’s young people have organised. There’s no denying, they’re a force to be reckoned with! But what else […]

5 Ways to Help Rescue Pets 🐾 … when adoption isn’t an option

By Cherish Goldstraw | 8th November 2019

Hey! What’s kickin’ chickens? It’s time for another GivePenny blog! We’ve been spending loads of time with some fabulous animal charities lately, so today we’re shining a spotlight on ways to help rescue pets! We all know the first rule of helping rescue pets is “adopt don’t shop”…  but what if you can’t? Maybe you […]

Gaming for Good at EGX

Gaming for Good? Smashing it!

By Cherish Goldstraw | 28th October 2019

As the charity sponsorship platform for the next generation, we’re big fans of gaming for good here at the Fortress of Funditude. It’s everyday people, using their favourite hobbies to raise money for causes they care about. Over the past few months, we’ve been busy making sure that when it comes to charity streams, we’re […]

fundraising tips for charities

5 Charity Fundraising Tips: How to ask for money

By Cherish Goldstraw | 6th September 2019

Hullo, Fundraising Fans! It’s time for some real talk; do you ever ask your regular donors for money and wonder if you’re being a bit… annoying about it? Hey, we get it; your cause is amazing, you need to raise money in order to keep on saving the world. And if you don’t ask, you […]

woman reading fundraising platform news from givepenny

July Roundup: Updates from the Fundraising Platform of the Future!

By Cherish Goldstraw | 2nd August 2019

Oh my, it’s been a hell of a July! It’s rained, it’s shone, and our little fundraising platform has smashed it – if we do say so ourselves. Hold on tight, and we’ll give you the speedy rundown. Our Big Fundraising News – Spotify Integration and Playlist Fundraising As you’ve probably already heard, we’ve added […]

Man listening to Spotify Playlist Fundraising

Playlist Fundraising is here! GivePenny meets Spotify!

By Cherish Goldstraw | 26th July 2019

Yes, you read that right! We’ve gone where no other fundraising platform has gone before: playlist fundraising! We’ve added Spotify to our connections!  No other fundraising platform has pulled this off, and we’re chuffed as nuts about it. There are victory dances happening at the Fortress of Funditude! Want to know more? Bet you do! […]