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woman reading fundraising platform news from givepenny

July Roundup: Updates from the Fundraising Platform of the Future!

By Cherish Goldstraw | 2nd August 2019

Oh my, it’s been a hell of a July! It’s rained, it’s shone, and our little fundraising platform has smashed it – if we do say so ourselves. Hold on tight, and we’ll give you the speedy rundown. Our Big Fundraising News – Spotify Integration and Playlist Fundraising As you’ve probably already heard, we’ve added […]

Man listening to Spotify Playlist Fundraising

Playlist Fundraising is here! GivePenny meets Spotify!

By Cherish Goldstraw | 26th July 2019

Yes, you read that right! We’ve gone where no other fundraising platform has gone before: playlist fundraising! We’ve added Spotify to our connections!  No other fundraising platform has pulled this off, and we’re chuffed as nuts about it. There are victory dances happening at the Fortress of Funditude! Want to know more? Bet you do! […]

gaming for charity tips

Fundraiser Spotlight: Gaming for Charity with Ruggstickles

By Cherish Goldstraw | 19th July 2019

Running, cycling, walking, gaming… whatever you’re into, our charity sponsorship platform has connections to help you fundraise by doing what you love. Today we’re shining a big, bright and beaming Fundraiser Spotlight on Ruggstickles, who managed to triple her original £100 charity fundraising goal when she joined our Level Up for Shelter campaign. We had […]

Act Now Street Art - GivePenny Charity Sponsorship Platform

Five reasons your current giving platform just won’t cut the mustard

By Cherish Goldstraw | 12th July 2019

Hey there charity friends! We’re in the mood for tellin’ it like it is today. Brace yourselves for truth bombs. So, a lot of the charities we speak to tell us a similar story; they don’t know which fundraising website is best to suit their needs, or they find that their tried-and-trusted giving platform is no […]

brick marked with "succeed" - GivePenny Milestones Guide

New Milestone Donations are Here!

By Cherish Goldstraw | 5th July 2019

Vanessa Carlton would walk a thousand miles. The Proclaimers would walk 500 miles and then 500 more. Alright – that’s actually the same amount, but the point is that setting yourself goals and shouting about them gets you chart-topping success. That’s kind of the deal with our Milestone goals too! Say you’ll walk a thousand […]

Street art found near GivePenny fundraising platform offices

June Roundup: New Features, Updates and Exciting Stuff

By Cherish Goldstraw | 3rd July 2019

Hey there Fundraising Fans! It’s been a busy ol’ June here at the Fortress of Funditude; we’ve been creating new tools, rolling out updates and generally just innovating the bejesus out of online charity sponsorship. All in a day’s work. 😎 Updates for Fundraisers Milestones have changed! (This is a big update, so we thought it deserved […]

mobile giving platforms recommendations

Save The World With Your Phone: 5 Mobile Giving Apps You’ll ❤️

By Cherish Goldstraw | 25th June 2019

It’s no secret that here at GivePenny we LOVE all things digital, and mobile fundraising innovation is kind of our forte. But our own charity sponsorship platform isn’t the only service helping people to change the world with a swipe and tap; there are loads of other really cool (and frankly ingenious) mobile giving apps out there […]

fundraising ideas for kids

Our Top 5 Fundraising Ideas For Kids

By Cherish Goldstraw | 5th June 2019

The summer holidays are almost here, and many parents and caregivers are looking for ways to keep their resident little people occupied over the coming weeks. Have you considered raising money for charity? We’ve compiled our top fundraising ideas for kids to help you get started! Why Raise Money for Charity? “Children are our future. […]

news and updates from your favourite fundraising platform

News and Updates from your Favourite Fundraising Platform

By Cherish Goldstraw | 31st May 2019

Hey howdy hey Fundraising Fans! It’s been a while since we last had a proper catch-up, hasn’t it? Sorry about that. We’ve been so busy revolutionising online charity fundraising, we’ve barely had time to share our news. So put on your reading glasses and grab a cuppa, ’cause we’ve got so many cool things to […]